Once your student is accepted, we get busy! We start the paperwork process to make sure the IEP is ready and we set up the Intake meeting with the family. At the Intake the family may provide more information about their child that will be helpful to our team. A team of Supervisors gets together to create an Initial Prescriptive Treatment Plan and a Student Integration Plan to ease the student into the new program.

A Lead Supervisor will oversee the student’s enrolment for the first 6 weeks to ensure that all plans are being followed and modified as necessary. They will chair weekly group meetings with the primary staff person, Family Therapist, Individual Therapist and Homeroom Teacher to assess progress and identify any issues.  The primary staff person will help the student "learn the ropes" of life at Lighthouse School and go over basic expectations for appropriate participation in remote / hybrid learning opportunities.

All of the staff in the student's cluster will learn about him or her so that teachers, clinician's and support personnel can help ease their transition. There will be a group in the student 's new homeroom to prepare the current students for getting a new student in their room. Most students also have a student primary who will be their buddy for the first few days.

The Family Therapist will contact the family daily for the first 3 days to provide updates on how their child is doing, and thereafter will continue communication according to the family services policy. We will communicate with the school district to inform them of how the student is settling in, and collaborate with them to make sure the student continues to do well at Lighthouse.