What is APEX Biodevelopmental Technology?

APEX is an acronym (Assimilated Personal Enrichment EXperiences). APEX Biodevelopmental Technology is made up of interlocking methodologies. Each methodology involves specific concepts and techniques. The utility of APEX is derived from the combined use of the methodologies.

APEX is called a life educational technology because it provides children with abundant opportunities to rehearse various response options to the most significant elements of their lives. Among the most important of these elements are self-understanding, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, values acquisition and decision making.

A central focus of APEX Bioeducational Technology is called functional adaptation. Functional adaptation is the capacity of a child to successfully respond to real life challenges by thinking, feeling, acting and interacting in exceedingly beneficial and productive ways. APEX Bioeducational Technology helps children to learn responses to diverse challenges that allow them to reach their highest levels of developmental potentials.

Children experiencing APEX Bioeducational Technology understand themselves better and more objectively, are more successful in interpersonal relationships, effectively resolve emotional conflicts, have higher academic achievement, are more positive and optimistic, make better decisions, are better able to understand the links between cause and effect, are more civically involved, behave in more functionally productive ways, have constructive value systems and are more highly motivated.