We Believe:

The mission of Lighthouse School® is to provide deeply meaningful experiences for students, team members, affiliates and guests that foster fulfillment, enlightenment, and empowerment conducive to maximum well-being.* The following beliefs support the manifestation of this mission.

  • We believe that, first and foremost, we are a “corporation for kids” and that everything we do needs to focus upon promoting optimal life success* for every child entrusted to our care.
  • We believe that Lighthouse School comprises a “safety net” that will catch and protect children who have very heterogeneous and diverse challenges in their lives and provide them with a nurturing environment in which to thrive.
  • We believe that all decisions must be based on the important criterion of, “What’s in the best long-term interest of kids?” because this is the only criterion that both guides the integrity of decisions and also assures that long-term perspective will never be compromised because of short-term considerations.
  • We believe that the highly skilled and extremely dedicated team members who constitute Lighthouse School’s staff comprise its most valuable resource and that the FUSION® Biomanagement system provides members of the team with the best possible opportunities for achieving both personal and professional growth and enrichment.
  • We believe that parents are our “partners in treatment” and to the degree that a child’s home, school, and community experiences are integrated, the child has the best opportunity possible to succeed in life.
  • We believe that our valued customers, the many municipalities of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and the other New England states who work in collaboration with us on behalf of enrolled students, deserve to receive efficient and effective account management, high quality services at a fair price, and a partnership that reflects our respect and appreciation for the opportunity to serve them.
  • We believe that “everything goes back to culture” and that the quality and integrity of Lighthouse School’s culture constitutes the critical foundation upon which every other organizational component and prerogative is based.
  • We believe that quality of treatment is extremely important and that APEX® Bioeducational treatment provides our students with the best possible opportunities to succeed in life.
  • We believe that “functional adaptation,” referring to the capacity to do well in circumstances involving the real world, is the most reliable indicator of optimal life success* and that emphasis always needs to be placed upon teaching our students skills and offering them access to experiences that have real life applications.
  • We believe that the appearance, quality, and composition of the treatment environment is extremely important because it provides the necessary “alternative frame of reference” that fosters among students the positive and optimistic notion that the difficult challenges of the past can be replaced by the rewarding accomplishments of the future.

*Although extensive effort is made, Lighthouse School cannot always achieve the results it expects.