Developing the Right Qualities through FUSION

FUSIONSM, a unique staff-focused technology, allows for growth and balance, taking into consideration personal, professional, and organizational needs. FUSION combines management and humanistic principles to allow both the individual and the organization to benefit. The employee team represents the organization's most valuable resource. FUSION helps create and support the treatment culture, providing opportunities for the staff person to contribute while engaging in a high-quality life experience.  Everyone at Lighthouse works hard to cultivate qualities that offer the organization and its employee team invaluable and often-times life-transforming experiences.

  • Flexibility: Being able to support and fill in as needed for each other
  • Motivation: Excited to do your job and help others to achieve their career objectives.
  • Confidence: Analyze problems and new situations and make quick decisions while exercising sound judgment.
  • Dedication: Getting the job done along with other outstanding academic and clinical professionals.
  • Communication: Being an active listener and able to remain objective while interfacing with children and other staff members.

Lighthouse School's Commitment To You

Here are some of the things you will enjoy at Lighthouse School:

Respect: We offer an environment that fosters listening where your needs, feelings, and thoughts will always be respected and balanced with clear communication of organizational needs. We foster an open-door policy that provides speaking to fellow staff members whenever needed.

Team Spirit: Strong relationships and teamwork are key to the way we function. We achieve a strong team spirit by supporting and inspiring each other to think and work more effectively.