Comprehensive and Integrated Services

At Lighthouse School, a comprehensive and integrated set of services is available under one roof and our treatment technology supports these services. The treatment philosophy of Lighthouse School® is based on the notion that biodevelopmental, or life-developmental, deficits represent the highest priorities for treatment. This is because biodevelopmental deficits so strongly affect a person's future chances of achieving functional adaptation. Functional adaptation is the set of practical mastery skills that reflect a person's capacity to successfully negotiate the diverse challenges of life.

The two fundamental biodevelopmental skill categories are objective understanding of self and meaningful relationships with other people. When these two biodevelopmental skill categories are enhanced, a child has a better chance of experiencing a more meaningful life because all other biodevelopmental skills, including academic achievement, are facilitated. This is because self-perception and interpersonal relationships and the feelings that are associated with them predispose virtually all other life experiences.

Lighthouse School has developed APEX® Biodevelopmental Technology in order to maximize each student's biodevelopmental proficiency. APEX stands for Assimilated Personal Enrichment EXperiences and refers to a set of interlocking methodologies which the staff of Lighthouse School use to help each enrolled student achieve as advanced a level of positive biodevelopment as possible.