What is APEX Bioeducation?

APEX Bioeducation is the experiential process that facilitates positive biodevelopment. APEX Bioeducational Technology consists of bioeducational experiences that are provided in the life simulation contexts of school settings. Exploring and understanding self and self/other relationships are very important qualities of these experiences. The important connections between a child’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and interactions and other people’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and interactions are at the core of the bioeducational experience.

APEX Bioeducation is incorporated into direct service lessons and academic projects.  


2023-2024 Monthly Bioeducational Themes

  • September: Choices
  • October: Tolerance
  • November: Teamwork
  • December: Relationships
  • January: Empathy
  • February: Disability Awareness
  • March: Perseverance
  • April: Values
  • May: Courage
  • June: Character