Staff Quotes Taken from Anonymous Feedback Questionnaires:

"After working here for a while, I realized that the positive picture came from seeing the students and staff from a very caring and loving perspective."

    "Lighthouse is a well run and very structured school and I have never seen a public or private school system that has such great communication and functional goals for students."

    "One of the many things that I like about Lighthouse School is working with its staff and knowing that there is support for you in any situation that may arise in your work at school or in your personal life."

    "I thoroughly enjoy knowing I am part of a team all working together to make this world for children a happier, healthier place to live."

    "I feel there's no other job for me. The opportunity to grow as a person and a professional is great and I feel that a lot of that is because of the FUSION Process and how well it works."

    "Lighthouse School has been a very positive working experience for me because of the highly supportive and caring staff. They are a very select group, who love not only children, but people in general."