The pivot to a Hybrid Learning Model began on Monday, November 30th.  Behind the scenes everyone worked hard on logistics, training and planning to successfully launch this endeavor to in-person learning. Staff and students were both anxious and excited to begin this phase of in-person treatment.

Everyone had those first day jitters but it did not take long to feel like we were “home” again.  Many happy (masked) faces were seen on those first days. The building has come to life with students and staff enjoying time together again.

We learned so much from this phase, that we brought more students into the building in January. We then increased the number of in-person services in February up to our current 80 students, and on April 5th, students Pre-K through Grade 6 will have the opportunity to attend onsite, five days a week.  We continue to provide all of the IEP services both in-person and remotely. 

While the emphasis for onsite services is on interpersonal experience, technology allows us to connect with remote services and to remain “one school”.  Chromebooks, Clear Touch screens, microphones and cameras allow friends and staff to see each other and join together in activities, whether sitting at a desk or in their own home. 

We look forward to the day we can all be together again in person!