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Spring Athletics and Intramural Program

Between now and the end of the school year, students of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in the Lighthouse Basketball Association (LBA) intramural program.

Softball & Track

Students have been chosen to represent Lighthouse School on the Softball and Track Teams. Please them for their efforts during try-outs and process the feelings of those who did not make the teams.

Student Athletes must sign a Sports Contract and the Anti-Hazing Policy to participate in any athletic programs.  They are also expected to participate fully in all aspects of their programming, not just preferred activities.  In order to help team members monitor their participation in
lessons, student athletes are expected to bring their student athlete signature page to lessons for service delivery providers to sign.  If they thematically refuse lessons or work or have excessive absences, their participation in the athletics program will be reconsidered.

The softball team will participate in practices on Wednesday afternoons, while the track team will practice on Wednesday mornings.




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