Lighthouse School, Inc.

We Are a School For...

A Wide Variety of Students

  • Students age 3-22 who can learn through experiences that life can be better
  • Students who receive praise for all the good things they do
  • Students who learn best in very small groups with other students who learn as they do
  • Students who require “hands-on” crisis services with a commitment to resolving conflicts without constant use of suspensions
  • Students who need medical oversight for complicated diagnoses and conditions, including Diabetes, Seizure and Asthma plans as well as toilet training.
  • Students who need functional academic skills, adaptive daily living and life skills training
  • Students who benefit from individual and group therapeutic experiences embedded in their school day programming
  • Students who need direct speech and language services
  • Students who need pragmatic social skills training and support to understand the meaning in social interactions
  • Students who need sensory diets to help them manage their learning
  • Students who need OT support for visual spatial and gross motor skills
  • High School students who want a diploma and support with state mandated testing
  • Students who need transitional planning for life after school…resume-writing and other job-seeking skills, independent living skills and community skills tailored to the student’s own community.
  • Students who enjoy a variety of physical education activities
  • Students who would like to be part of organized team sports both intra- and inter-mural
  • Students who try their best on re-evaluation testing because the staff and the surroundings are well known to them
  • Parents who enjoy being partners with Lighthouse staff and want help with consistency between home and school
  • Parents who feel comfort in being able to contact support 24 hours a day

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